Friday, January 25, 2019

Moving In and, Our Family Photos

We've never had pictures taken for our family. We always took them ourselves. But my new SIL is a photographer and she kindly offered. The pictures turned out really nice, but if you could have seen all that went on behind the scenes, you would have either laughed or cried for us. 
I was yelling at kids to smile and stop picking noses, James was NOT enjoying the picture process, he hates posing and kissing on demand and he kept pinching me or doing something ridiculous. 
My brother was trying to keep the two year old from running away and the baby kept stuffing rocks in her mouth. The big boys were saying, "Are we done?" in their most polite little voices, while I gave them the "BE POLITE" Mommy glare. 
I'm so glad we suffered through the process. 
I did have to put my little heels back in their box and they haven't been out since. Muck boots all day everyday :( 
                Yesterday, our counter-top situation looked of those "nepotism" things. So, we went back to square one and were going to order Unfinished Solid Wood cabinets from this company that had really great reviews. I was so relieved. I wanted solid wood and I kind of wanted to paint them myself...but then the nepotism thing resurfaced and now we might be going with our relative again. If it doesn't happen Saturday, then we are ordering everything on Monday. 

Well, in light of everything with the cabinets and counter-tops, we talked to the bank about different options and they said that since we will have a functioning main floor, including a bathroom and a kitchen (if we get a temporary sink) then we can move in.

The only thing we have left on the main floor, is grouting the shower and finishing the trim, which is happening as we speak. The wood stove is coming today.

I started getting really nervous. We've lived with my in-laws, two and-a-half miles from our house, for almost a year. I haven't exactly enjoyed living in a basement, but I have gotten used to having people nearby during outages and snowstorms...ok and I like watching Hallmarks with them when the kids are in bed.

...And during one of the blizzards, you are totally on your own unless someone checks on you in a snowmobile, which is possible. My brother-in-law visits on a snowmobile occasionally and we have one if there is ever an emergency.

But, living on my own in that house on the hill with James going back to work soon, is a little scary...I don't have any other logical reasons why. Maybe it's because the house isn't totally finished. We'll be living only on the main floor. Actually, the upstairs is finished enough that we can drag mattresses into the bedrooms.

So, I decided that I will start getting things moved into the main floor...I'll set up furniture and start moving appliances in and beds and trying to make it comfortable. Then I'll see how I feel when the cabinets are installed. I may not pull the trigger until James comes home next. Maybe I'll pull it half-way and we'll nap and hang out and eat there during the day and go back Grandma and Grandpa's at night. I would like to have some more food storage and emergency stuff set up before I wave goodbye to the canyon. February is usually brutal up here, and if it's anything like January, I may not leave the house at all.

I plan to document the moving-in process and the organization process. Like I've said before, I'm very boring and I like things like organization. I have a few life hacks though, after having seven kids. Most of them I stole from other people who are crazy too. Some I came up with out of shear desperation. My favorite life-hack for lots of kids, is laundry!

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