Saturday, October 20, 2018


I feel like we're in the home-stretch, but I don't really know for sure how much longer it will take. We have sheetrock in the top floor and the rest goes in on Monday and Tuesday. I have no idea how long mudding will take. I know that each sub job usually takes between 1 week to 2 weeks longer than planned. One of our issues is that no one wants to drive this far to work on the house.

Problems we've run into with subs:

Sadly, it happened with our favorite sub, the electricians! (PS. I think this was mostly my fault and I'm kicking myself!) They did such a great job and were so fast and efficient, but in the end, we were a little frustrated. So here's what happened...

I had a very detailed design for lighting...I knew exactly what I needed in each room for decorative and utilitarian purposes. I made an intricate lighting design and even included outlets and switches and where I wanted them wired.

When we met to decide, they seemed to already know where everything should go?? I didn't mind at the time because I thought, "They're the pros. I'll let them take the lead." But, it turns out that half of what they wanted to do with the house, wasn't even in the bid!

We were not told how much these would cost and when the bill came, it was several THOUSAND dollars more. This is actually a trend it seems with new home construction around here. Maybe it was my fault and I was supposed to be following every single can light and dollar around. I also remember in Colorado, they were required to tell us exactly what we were doing that was above and beyond the bids.  (That was an FHA loan! DIFFERENT ANIMAL) This same issue has happened with the well, the doors and windows (BMC), and finally, with the electric company.

I was really upset for a few days. Fortunately, James is level-headed and good at letting things go and calming me down. Really, it doesn't help anyone to be upset. I will, however, make sure that when my parents build their house, they know exactly what to expect! At least I can use what I learned the hard way, to help someone else from making the same mistake.

(Ignore my terrible photography. I was tired and didn't have time to edit any photos)

Audra celebrated her birthday this week. It was a REALLY nice week. It wasn't that it was less messy or less to do, but we were all alone in the canyon for a whole week! I haven't been alone in almost 6 months!!! I did all of my laundry upstairs and watched the British Baking show, we got up early and did homeschooling and we baked and cooked and had so much fun. I forgot how it feels to do whatever the heck I want! Don't ever take for granted having your own space. No matter how wonderful the people you live with are, it's still good to have your own family space! We needed that week so much! Plus, I did something I love more than any other hobby...I organized! 

We ALMOST didn't have a wood burning stove in our house. (See the black pipe!? I'm so HAPPY) That was another issue we dealt with. We were very clear that there had to be a wood stove somewhere in the main floor. It didn't happen. I think my contractor realized that they better find a way before I blew a lid! Fortunately, at the last minute, before the insulators and sheet rockers came, our contractor came up and found a way to run the pipe up through Audra's bathroom and on out the roof.  This was a tender mercy, one of many. Power outages and blizzards on top of a canyon, miles from the neighbors and no way to get to's a real thing! With a wood stove, we will have plenty of warmth and a way to cook.

I feel like I'm in Walmart. I prefer ambient lighting, especially at night. Seriously, why couldn't the mistake have been...oops, we spent your money without your permission and poured you a big back patio?? No, of course not. 😅  

I'm realizing that with each phase of building, the rooms will look BIG and then small, then BIG again and then small. Sheetrock is one of those times. Sheetrock is usually grayish in color and it's a depressing cold gray. Not a good choice for rooms facing north or west.  

Do I seem stressed? I am a little tired of everything and we still have a long way to go. I am also very grateful for this experience. As hard as it has been, it has been just as wonderful on the rewarding end of the scale. That's how blessings and trials work I guess, but not always simultaneously. We have also been babysitting and cooking for lots of people, A LOT. 

Hopefully we are living in the house by Thanksgiving, ok maybe Christmas :( 

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